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Vegans aren't all the same!

Not everyone who is vegan (or at least attempting it) wants to eat salads everyday. While often times creative, most vegan versions of traditional American meals don't get close to the taste & texture of the original food it's attempting to replicate. With food, taste & texture are everything and my experience has been that most vegan food attempting to replace a non-vegan favorite is missing one, the other or both. 

Having been vegetarian for 9 years, I finally decided in January 2020 to go all-in and drop the eggs and dairy (cheese!) that had been staples in my vegetarian journey. But I like to eat! I missed my favorites (mostly cheeses & pasta dishes) and wasn't sure I could keep up being vegan.

Then the 2020 lock-downs hit. I was at a cross-roads; I could either give up and go back to easy vegetarianism, or use my new-found down time to come up with a better vegan menu. I did the research, did the trial & error and came up with dishes I love that even non-vegans can't get enough of.

Check out our menu of full- meal trays, all made-to-order even down to the "cheese" and the sauce, nothing made in advance so you get the freshest vegan meal and all you have to do is bake it in the oven! Also now available will be frozen shells and sausage at the Saucon Valley Farmers Market as well as small portion versions of our full trays!

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